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Appmaker Workweek and localization

It has been a while since my last blog post not that I'm lazy to write, but I got so busy with the work on Webmaker in the past few months and didn't get a chance to write some update as to what's going on.

Recently, I just got back from Appmaker workweek which was held in Revelstoke, BC on 05th to the 11th of Januarty. I must say this workweek was totally different than any of the workweek I have done so far and I will list reasons as to why within the context of this blog post.

What was Appmaker workweek for?

This workweek was meant for few reasons. First, getting Appmaker to be part of Webmaker tools which means allowing Appmaker to publish to the makeAPI, remix the app and other things. Secondly, localization mainly because the Campus Party that was going to be held in Brazil and we want to make sure that Appmaker is localized and ready for the Campus Party and that is why I got invited to the workweek which I'm so happy to be part of the workweek (Thanks to Simon Wex and David Ascher for the invitation).

So, that was the goal and the expectation of the workweek. What I did in the workweek was to localized Appmaker since Appmaker was develop differently than the rest of our apps and one of the challenges was to learn and understand Polymer. Polymer is a new project and still at the very early release and to localize the app wasn't an easy thing at all because there are not many resources/examples of site or apps that did internationalization with Polymer and with that I have to figure out way to do that and create my own library to make it possible.

The final outcome was really good at the workweek. We got tons of stuff done in less than a week. We have Appmaker 100% localized in Thai, Portuguese and another 10 languages. We have also ported many of the components from the old Appmaker to the new Polymer Appmaker and of course publishing to MakeAPI.

When I say less than a week because during that week Simon Wex had planned for us to go for hiking and skiing which was the first time in my life to do those kind of things and I really enjoyed that and really having time to rest and do some fun stuff during the intense workweek was something I never thought would workout really well.