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Arabic Mozilla Meetup 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey

Here we go again! I just got back from Mozilla Festival in London, but few days later I was invited to join the Arabic Mozilla Meetup in Istanbul, Turkey on the weekend of last week. During this workweek in Istanbul we have most of the Mozilla reps and volunteers from MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa).

The goal for this workweek is to strengthen the inter-communities links and bring together active contributors from Arabic countries in one place for discussions and presentations mainly around localization and Firefox OS. During this workweek we had bunch of meetings and presentation from all Arabic regions and discussions over the structure, leadership and community building in Arabic Mozilla.

The interesting and amazing part of this workweek that I really want to share is that everyone in this workweek is not getting paid by Mozilla, but the work they do, and the effort they put in sharing Mozilla's goal of the Open web is really fascinating. They have done many events, workshops and training for Mozilla and they are very passionate about the work they do and they are planning to do more even they have other responsibilities.

What am I doing in this workweek? Well my goal in this workweek is to share my knowledge and also to ask for their help in some of our future plan of Webmaker to expand and support with RTL (Right to left).

I did present about Webmaker.org and its tools, but this wasn't something interesting for people in the workweek because everyone there been using Webmaker in their workshop and some of the events, so I took that opportunity to show people Webmaker-app and MakeDrive which they find it more interesting.

The other thing is I've talked about UNESCO YouthMobile Initiatives Teaching young girls and boys to create mobile apps for sustainable development. and Mozilla's goal which will happen in 2015 in many different countries in MENA which was the most interesting part for them and many people in the workweek would like to help.

But, in order to even plan for these big events in MENA we have to make sure Webmaker sites and its tools available in Arabic and we still have a lot of challenges and problems that we need to solve before we can even get the site ready in RTL.

So, my asked in the workweek for people is to help us find people to translate Webmaker into Arabic on Transifex which is currently 69% completed.

Also, I've asked people with RTL knowledge on the technical part (there are people who worked mainly on Firefox and FirefoxOS RTL) to help us identify problems, so we can move forward with that.

In conclusion, I really believe that soon we will be able to make Webmaker and its tools accessible in RTL languages and it should be usually for all people around the world.