Hide bar item in Weechat for a specific buffer

So, I have been using this IRC client called Weechat. It runs on many platforms like Linux, Unix, BSD, GNU Hurd, Mac OS X and Windows (cygwin). Weechat is similar to Irssi. Both clients are terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems, and some people would wonder why using IRC in a terminal, but I must say this is really a powerful IRC client where you can so much with plugins/scripts but I won't go in details why I choose this client over a nice native IRC client like Textual, LimeChat or any other native app for Mac or Windows.

In this post I just wanted to share on how I'm able to hide a specific bar item in Weechat buffer.

What I have right now is something like this

As you can see, I have two window splitted vertically (top 20%, bottom 80%).

That top bar I just want to have it to read twitter timeline or use it for highmon (See who mention or highlight your name). But, that annoying status bar, title bar and nicklist taking so much spaces and I want to get rid of it.

To do that search your configs for:

weechat.bar.input.conditions            string   ""
weechat.bar.isetbar.conditions          string   ""
weechat.bar.nicklist.conditions         string   ""
weechat.bar.status.conditions           string   ""
weechat.bar.title.conditions            string   ""

Now, lets go that that buffer you want to hide the bar and get the buffer name using /eval

/eval ${name}

I did it in hignmon buffer and got highmon in return.

Now all I need to do is write a condition that will evaluate this:

weechat.bar.nicklist.conditions         string   "${name} != highmon && ${name} != &bitlbee.#twitter_alicoding"
weechat.bar.status.conditions           string   "${name} != highmon && ${name} != &bitlbee.#twitter_alicoding"
weechat.bar.title.conditions            string   "${name} != highmon && ${name} != &bitlbee.#twitter_alicoding"

At the end I have something like this:

I hope that this post is useful for people who started to learn or use Weechat like me :)