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JSConf Training Track - Testing IE on Linux or Mac

I know this is probably a bit old now, but I have to share this post anyway since it sits on my draft box for a while now and I think it is a good post and good for my own record if I want to look back at something :)

One of the track at JSConf 2015 is how to test IE on Linux or Mac by Rey Bango which I find it very useful especially when Microsoft starting to get more attention and they are doing really well in term of supporting the open-web. Many people might still disagree on this point, but Rey also made a good point at his session about the more we use and support different browser in our app the better it will be for us consumer and developers.

NOTE: To be exact on what Rey said there... Rey actually said that so not only one engine dominant the web, but the above is my interpretation :P

There are different ways to test IE on Mac or Linux. Most of the stuff you can look from http://dev.modern.ie/ or http://uservoice.modern.ie

There is also IE Compatibility Cookbook


Well, another question you might ask before going any further here. Why should I test my web application on IE? Simple answer... 55% of the users online still use IE! https://statcounter.com/

Also, why big corporation don't upgrade from IE6,7,8 to IE 11 or edge? Obvious it's a large investment for them to upgrade and they have made their application very specific to that specific browser's version, and I'm sure you don't want your bank to upgrade their software without good testing, right?

So, let's continue how do I test Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge on Linux or Mac?

In the session Rey introduce us to Microsoft Remote Desktop (Mac download link) and using ngrok to tunnel your application from localhost.

That's pretty much it! You just need Microsoft Remote Desktop and ngrok your application, get the url run it with the Remote desktop client and you just got yourself IE on your Mac or Linux to test your app!

If you have any trouble just hit me on twitter @alicoding and I'm happy to help :)