Mozilla All Hands 2013 in Toronto

This blog post I must say I will not be able to sort everything in the order because we had a lot of stuff going on in the Mozilla All Hands 2013 in Toronto, but I will try to tell whatever I remember and share everything that it is still in my head.

So, let's get started!. On Tuesday May 21st, was the week where all Mozillan in the Foundation will come and meet and this is called "All-Hands" as I have mention about it in my previous blog post. In this meeting there were over 60 people coming from everywhere. People who work in the US, UK, Canada and few other places.

What we do in this All-Hands thingy?

Well let me tell you I don't even know where to start because we did a lot in this great meeting, and first I have met lots of great MoFo (Mozilla Foundation) and MoCo (Mozilla Corporation) we all meet at the Toronto office and they talk about the plan of what they want to do in 2013, 2014 and also show their current project that they are working on.

There are plenty of project that I didn't even know that they are exist such as,Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, Hive Learning Network, Open Badges, and Mozilla — Collusion. There are a lot more actually, but the list will keep going on, and obviously Mozilla Webmaker it's something that you know already because I'm working on it :D

In all 4 days of this week I have to say that I didn't complete much of the work I'm suppose to do, but this is what they want us to do. They want us to stop the work we are working on and learn about the foundation, and organization and I must say that it was amazing because I have never know what Mozilla really is other than one not for profit organization, but after being in this All-Hands 2013 meeting I get to know how the organization and what is really going on in this great place :D

Also, in the past four days I have gained lots of weigh!! because of the great foods that they serve and all the snacks and drinks that are always available for us :S

And what else?

Well on the day two we get to be in a group session and get to talk about something really cool, and that is about "Localization".

What is Localization?

Localization or localisation, represented as a numeronym as L10n, may refer to:

Language localisation, the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region

credit Wikipedia'

That is the definition, but let me tell you a bit more what it is and why we are talking about this thing. We have a lot of project that's in English and it's only available in one language, and that is a bit of problem for people who don't speak English and they can't use the tools or the projects that we have available for them. That is a major problem, so if we do the localization which will make the product available in various languages and that will be more accessible to people who don't speak the same language and they can benefit from it.

So why is it so hard to do then?

Well that was my question at first. Why is it so hard to just translate the page? First, it's not one page and not two or three, but there are 11 projects and if we are talking about projects we are talking about a lot of pages and they are not just a static HTML page which it means this is something can be change and we need to make it so that it won't affect the way how the text display to people who don't read in English.

Now what?

I'm in a process where I'm doing a research about how to do the localization stuff and amazingly this thing can't be done easily without the help of Atul. He helped me a lot on how to plan of doing this and what should I do to make this thing work and what to use. Also, he had done this already in FriendlyCode on github where his codes can help me get this done faster and not to struggle on the research part!

What is your plan?

My plan? I don't have a plan..... Meh!! I'm kindding, of course I do have a plan! Let me think what is my plan LOL. Well I'm going to get this Localization work obviously, and continue working on the other features of Webmaker and contribute to all other projects as usual even though my main focus will be to complete the localization before September 2013, but I have a crazy plan and that is to get the localization done before my birthday and that is on July 19 :P I know it sounds like crazy, but this is going to motivate me on getting this thing done faster!

Come on lets talk more about Mozilla All-Hands 2013!!

Copy that! We had a lot of fun and a lot of good knowledge+experiences from this meeting and I must say everyone there is so lovely and friendly and I really going to miss them all, and hey we did Karaoke too!!

2013-05-23 21.06.38


Other than having fun we also had a good demo on the last day - Friday May 24th, 2013 and we got to see a sneak peek of some amazing stuff that will be coming soon on many of the projects

2013-05-24 17.28.29 HDR

And last but not least this is the picture of the snack of the last day... YUMMY!!!!!


2013-05-24 16.30.55 HDR


Now, let me tell you what did I get from this All-Hands meeting. I have learned a lot of good experience from great people such as their good knowledge their love to the newbie like me, and a warm welcome! I would say that this is the best meeting I have ever had in my life and if I have to thank all the mozillian that will have to be the whole 60 of them and special thanks to Mr. David Humphrey that give me the opportunity to be there and thanks to Mozilla for the invitation!