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Mozilla Festival 2014 in London

Once again, I'm grateful of being part of 5th year the Mozilla Festival which was held in London, UK. This year is special especially for me since I get to be more involved than last year. I was part of three sessions, and one of which I had the opportunity to work with Ryan Merkley on Creative Commons for Creative Commons makes tools for Makers. The other two sessions was specifically to Appmaker Enhance. Lets talk about the overall of the festival and my sessions.

Firstly, the location, setup is the same like every year (at least from what I've seen from last year) which I don't have any complain except I must say Ravensbourne is really an amazing place. This year there are approximately 400 sessions, 500 facilitators and over 1,700 people attended the festival.

So, what's going on at Mozilla Festival? Well, there are so many things in the Mozilla Festival which they are all related to the openness of the Web. It's the place for people who care about the Web and many people do share the same goal and they come to the festival to show what they have got to share which will helps them fight for the Web. There are also some interesting keynotes from many interesting speakers from different organizations. Now, If have I to list things that happened in the festival I guess that list will be super long since there are so many things as I've mentioned earlier that there are approximately 400 sessions this year, but just to mention those sessions that we know about:

  • OpenBadges
  • Open Science
  • Webmaker
    • Including Appmaker, Webmaker-App, Popcorn Maker and its tools.
  • Creative Commons
  • Github
  • Open News

And many more...

The Mozilla Festival was held for 3 days (Oct 24 to Oct 26).

On day 01 (Oct 24), mostly is the day for facilitators to gather around and learn from each other and prepare for their sessions the next day, but in the evening of the same day there're also science fair going on for people to show off their cool projects.

On day 02 (Oct 25), this day is where all the fun things happen at the same time! There are so many sessions happen for the whole day, but unfortunately for me I couldn't all the sessions that I really wanted to be, but the fortunate part is where I get to be part of Creative Commons session and get to present something about MakeDrive and get to know Creative Commons better than what I used to know which is so little.

Also, I did Appmaker session later in the afternoon which I would like to talk more about this session in comparison to Day 03.

On day 03 (Oct 25), this day is pretty much the same where there are keynotes in the morning and sessions whole day, but with a surprise for everyone in the event where attendees of the event got a free FirefoxOS Flame phone! Then, an amazing ending (it was too fast for this amazing event!).

Now, lets talk about two of my Appmaker sessions.

What was the session about?

Two of the Appmaker sessions with Erik on day 01 and day 02 were mainly for developers who are interested in creating their own brick in Appmaker. On our first day of the event not many people did attend our session simply because it is too hard and only targeted to developers, but on the second day when everyone got free FirefoxOS Flame phone then the session was full!


There are some challenges in the session that I think worth mention and this will help me better prepare for my future session.

  1. Setup
    Not everyone is ready to get started on the task of the session right from the start. They have to go through the setup and platform always an issue in this case (different OS). Especially with git and node for some people who never have experience on Windows or Linux might be a bit tricky or even Mac users. This could take hour to really get everything configured right.

  2. Resources/documentations
    This one is hard since we want people to understand and be ready for the next part which is start coding, and to make this part easy you must have good documentation, but good documentation mean you spend a lot of time writing and is not a problem for our internal README/wiki, but for external one like how to setup things or API on some of them could be a problem unless we make sure we write them too!

  3. Time
    This is hard to solve really since time is limit and going through step 1 and 2 is really going to take all of our time, so to solve this we will have to do better with 1 and 2 first.

So from what I've learned I hope I can do better in the future and be more ready if I ever want to do developers targeted session.