Mozilla Webmaker - Work week accomplishment

So, last week our team gather again here at the Toronto office, but this time only our team and the goal for this work week was to finish up what we've planned in June (Check this blog post by David Humphrey).

You wouldn't believe the items that I'm about to list down here that we finished during the work week and there are even more that we have done in just less than 5 days! (I'm not going to on in details on each of these items, but if you want to know more about them you can check this blog post by Brett Gaylor

During the work week we have demoed and landed most of these:

1. Popcorn Maker UI improvements

2. Media sync
3. Profile Pages (This one is my favourite)

4. Localization

So I have localized Popcorn Maker (100%). I have also localized X-ray Goggles and Thimble. Igoryen localized Webmaker-events page.

5. X Ray Goggles revamp (You will love this!)

6. Likes (You haters will stop hating LOL)

And honestly the list is long and if you want to know in details... again read Brett's blog post.

But hey! this work week is not a boring and tiring work week because we had a lot of fun!

We did lots of exercises and really enjoyed being with the lovely Webmaker team!