My first week at The Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT)

Who am I?

first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Ali Al Dallal, and I was born in Iraq, but I was raise in Thailand and live there for 18 years.

How did I become a programmer?

This is a bit long story, but I will make it short and I hope that it will make sense to you. First, when in 1995 my father had an idea to open up some coffee shop in Bangkok, Thailand and having a couple of computers for customers to use them, and he wanted someone to maintain of the computers and that's how I became a programmer...... Wait what!?

No, I was just kidding, at that time I was just getting to have an interest of learning to use the computer, but of course not just the regular way of using the computer to browse or playing game.
I did learn how to build my very first computer by purchase all the different part and did everything myself when I was  10 years old. It might sound like nothing to do with programming but more into the hardware stuff, but that is how I start getting into it. So.... really at the age of 15 is where I really get to learn how to program my very first website for my school in Thailand, and that is my passionate to the programming field.

So, really when did I or when can I call myself a programmer? It is when I get into Seneca College @york I'm currently a 6th semester student for Computer Programming and Analysis study at Seneca College.

What programming languages that I have learned so far?

First of all, let me tell you this is not my resume, but it is just to tell you what I have learn from Seneca College and all of these are the languages that I really like to program.

I will list them in the order of the most I enjoyed to the least, but the least doesn't mean I don't like it though.

  • PHP JavaScript Java C C++ HTML CSS Scripting RPGLE CLLE CMD COBOL
There are many more, but this is the main languages that I can think of at the time I'm writing this.

How did I end up with CDOT?

Here come the most interesting question.

First what is CDOT stand for?
Centre for Development of Open Technology

How did I end up working at CDOT?

I'm currently doing my Co-op term with Seneca College, and I did many interviews with many other company such as CIBC, MPAC and few others, but really I choose to work with CDOT because I wanted to learn something new and challenge to my, as I have dream about working in an open-source environment. This is really the best decision that I have made because of what? now I will go in detail of my first week experience with CDOT.

First week experience with CDOT.

First, what am I doing here at CDOT? Well obviously I'm here to do something which is related to my program and that is programming, but what really I'm currently working on here?

I don't know if I can go into detail of what I'm doing or working on at CDOT as this is my first week, but here is some detail of my work plan.

I'm assign to work on the project called "Webmaker" it's something cool that you might want to check out and here is the link http://webmaker.org/, so at this moment I'm learning a bunch of stuff in order to get my hands on to the real hard stuff, but before that I have to learn some of the very important stuff that I have never learn from my program at Seneca.

I'm currently learning about

Sound cool right? I really enjoyed learning all these new stuff, but I have a lot more to learn and this is the very beginning for me.

What I have done so far on my first week?

I can't say I have done much this week since it is my very first time working in an open-source environment which it means I have to learn a lot, and one of the challenge I'm facing is to get on track, so that I can contribute more to the project, but hey.... I have contribute my first patch to the mozilla app already. Check out my very first patch that I have done on my github here is the link.

So what is my plan for the upcoming week?

I'm going to continue learning on the advance JavaScript, node.js and express.js and trying as hard as I can to learn all the stuff which sound very challenging to me, but this is what I'm here for. I'm here to take this challenge and I shall be succeed one day!.