A while ago I had to do a lot of research about localization and language names that existed on the web because I needed to create language picker and wanted to display in both English name and their Native name for that language, but it was a challenge to find all of the list from one source, so I've collected them and created a node module called "langmap".

Checkout the repository on github: https://github.com/alicoding/language-mapping-list


List of all the known languages in their English and Native name with locales.

There are over 200 languages available in the list.

To install this you will need to do:

$ npm install langmap


var langmap = require("langmap");

// "Native" => English (US)
var native = langmap["en-US"]["nativeName"];
// "Native" => ภาษาไทย
var native = langmap["th"]["nativeName"];
// "English" => Thai
var native = langmap["th"]["englishName"];