One day of work and Popcorn Maker is now 100% localized!

Woo!! I'm so happy about this! After spent time for over a month on localizing webmaker.org and today I've started hacking on localizing Popcorn Maker with @humphd and @mjschranz and it is done! Yeah 100% completed....

Don't trust me? check this image out then :) (Hey! this is not hardcoded version like I showed to @remixmanifesto before :P )



So, yeah it is completed, but let me tell you some story about how I have done this and what was the challenge working on Popcorn Maker localization.

First I was crying and whining because of the complexity of this project and I must say it is way too complicated and without the help of @humphd really I wouldn't be able to finish it in one day. @Humphd figured the way to make this possible and how I did that was moving all the static file that (.htmls) located in /public folders would need to be moved to /views folder which we do our rendering server-side with nunjucks. From there we can then use our i18n-abide's gettext function to localize our strings.

Also, we have many strings that located in JavaScript files and with those we accomplished that with our client-side localization and pretty easy (I will have my next blog post guide you on how to do that (remind me on @alicoding if I do forget)).

With straight 6 hours of work then I have finished localizing Popcorn Maker and I felt really great and happy about this!

My next plan is to localize Thimble and X-Ray Goggles and my final plan is to have all 4 projects (Webmaker.org, Popcorn Maker, Thimble and X-ray goggles) to be 100% completed on our Work week which will be held during the week of 12th to 15th of August at the Toronto Office.