Second week with CDOT on Mozilla Webmaker

Hello again, so this is my second blog post so far since I started working here at CDOT on Mozilla Webmaker. I can't imagine that I am now at the end of the second week working here and have learned a lot in the past two weeks.

What I have learned in two weeks here at CDOT?

Well in the past two weeks I must say that it's incredible compare to what I can learn from school. Why? well let me tell you that learning everything myself is one of the biggest challenge, but learning non-stop about something that you like it's a pleasant because you are enjoying it and the more you enjoy of what you are doing the more you will learn and doing good at it.

So really what I have learn?

I have learn how to use git better and that I must say thank you to my team Rick, Kieran and Matthew. Where a lot of time I will stuck on something and they will always help me out on that.

The second most amazing thing that I have learned it's Node.js and really this is something amazing that I was talking about. With Node.js I have learn how to create a server and how to do a lot of stuff with this amazing new language that base on JavaScript and powerful language that uses V8 vm that google use in their Google Chrome.

Learning Node.js have helped me understanding a lot and allowed me to move on to learn the framework that we use in the Webmaker, and that is learning Express.js. Learning Express.js wasn't very hard, but very challenging because I can't understand their documentation very well, so I have to use my skill of struggling and learning to get through it.

What have you contribute to the project?

Yes yes, now I can say something about it really. I have contributed a lot this week (Can't compare to Kieran and Matthew of course), but yeah compare to my first week then.

What I have done this week is I have worked on many component of the Webmaker such as; Thimble, LoginAPI, Popcorn Maker and MakeAPI. Really all those component I have done not much compare to the other, but again I have done something.

Also during the time that I'm working on the bug that I'm assign this week I have file my own bug twice :D While I was working on the bug that they assigned to me, and when I'm testing something and it crashes the server, so I looked at it and figured that they have missed something and I have added some code to patch the bug and it works :D Check out my github account and you will see what I have contributed this week :D

Now that I'm writing this post on Thursday morning and I'm sure that in the next coming two days I will have more stuff to work on.


What is my plan for next week?

Oh yes yes, next week is very exciting week for me. Why? because we are having something call All-Hands week where that we have to go and work at Mozilla office in Toronto and that is for the whole week. In this work week I will be able to meet everyone on the IRC that I'm working with and will be able to sit and work together with them.