Seneca CDOT Faculty and Student Open House V2

On November 21, 2013 we had an Open House at CDOT for Faculty and Student about various open source projects and yesterday is our 2nd Open House here at CDOT and I had a chance to present my work that I have done for Mozilla Webmaker to Students and Faculty here at Seneca College @York.

Last time when I present my work, mainly it was about the tools that we have on Webmaker and try to explain what our tool does and what is the goal for Mozilla.

So, this time I got more to present since it has been four months since last Open House and I did show a lot of our works that have been completed such as our new localization across our tools, new improved Thimble app, Popcorn Maker and X-Ray Goggles. Also, I have introduced to our workflow specifically in our team how we work in an open such as: using IRC to community, or github to collaborate with coding.

Again... I was super busy with explaining/talking with students and faculty and didn't have a chance to take any photo, but this time I must say it was better than last time. Hopefully we will have another one again soon and with more people :)