Seneca CDOT Faculty and Student Open House

Today here at Seneca CDOT we had an Open House for Faculty and Student to learn and explore about what we do and why we are awesome.

A lot of students and faculties from the Computer study including some other field visited us here to checkout our awesome works that we do on many different projects such as Mozilla Webmaker, WebVTT, Pidora, Raspberry Pi and many other cool projects that we do here at CDOT.

The great part of this Open House is to improve my public speaking skills and also to be prepare with any kind of questions from students and faculties that they might ask at any time about what I do and how I did it.

The stuff that I present in the Open House was Mozilla Webmaker and they are all about the tools that we built at Mozilla such as: Thimble, Popcorn Maker and X-Ray Goggles. Also, I had the chance to present about WebVTT even though I did work very little on the project but I get to talk about it and show how awesome the project is!

Sadly I didn't have any picture to show from this event, but I must say that this is an awesome experience, fun and super tiring.