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Simple React Webpack and Babel Starter Kit

At Mozilla Foundation, we're starting to use React mainly to create our Web application and most of the time writing React without Webpack and Babel can be a bit annoying or really hard I can say.

Finding an example to create React app with Webpack and Babel sometimes you get tons of stuff that you don't want or don't care and having to remove stuff yourself you'll either create bugs or finding yourself spending more time fixing things that you broke than starting to code, so I created this simple repo with just the simple stuff you need to get started.


React Webpack and Babel
Simple React Webpack Babel Starter Kit

This is a simple React, Webpack and Babel application with nothing else in it.

What's in it?

Just a simple index.jsx, webpack.config.js and index.html file.

To run

You can simply run webpack build using this command:

> $ npm run build

If you want to run with webpack-dev-server simply run this command:

> $ npm run dev

Please contribute to the project if you think this can be done better in anyway even for the README :)