Webmaker Localization progress report

In the past week I have to say that I didn't have much done on the localization for Webmaker, but I have few good news to tell you.

What is going on?

First I have to tell you that the past week I was working on bugzilla most of the time. Where I just keep browsing for bug to work on and assigned them to myself and submit a Pull Requests, and I have done quite a good numbers of bugs and a lot of pull request till my commit hits the starlogs! I am not sure what that's mean, but JP said that is a good thing :D

What about Webmaker localization?

To be honest, working on small bugs for the past week really helped me getting start to localize the webmaker projects because I get to set up all the tools on my machine and got really good help from Chris and I have everything set up and working as expected, and at the same time I have struggled a bit to get to understand about the environment variables because to get everything run locally I have to make all of the projects talk to each other, and when I say talk to each other not talking like human hehe, but talking in a sense of connecting and passing data and so on.

Anyway, the point is for this week I've got all my projects running and got a lot of bugs done plus learned a lot more about Node.js because I got to work on creating Grunt Plugin for html5-linting. This had helped me learned a lot about JavaScript's function and a lot more, and I believe that will be very useful for the localization part as well.

So, now let's get to the progress on the Webmaker Localization part. As I have mentioned above I didn't really have the whole week to work on the localization part, but I have used my free time and weekend hacked and learned about how to localize any project and I have done a very simple web application "Hello World" that will also benefit on to localize the project.

One big progress I would say this week for the Webmaker Localization is that I have completed the Transifex script that will be use for getting all the locales from transifex.com, and!!! I have made it so that it will be able to get the files even if they have multiple resources. Unlike the current one that it will only can get one only. I have also demoed that to the people in the team.

So what's next?

I'm so excited as Mr. Humphrey is coming back this Monday, and we are going to have another conversation about the localization before the implementation then we are ready to work on it!