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Webmaker V2 releasing week

This week I have to say that I learned a lot and enjoy the most since I start working with CDOT on Webmaker project. I have done quite a numbers on bug filing and fixing bug on bugzilla.
I also got to work on various areas of project such as; The styling the front-end, UI-UX and server side with node.js. I really enjoyed it and gained a lot of good experience even though it's a bit tired, but really worth it.

This release I must say compare to the previous version its a big change and with lots of beautiful function and design. I strongly believe that people will really love once this goes in production.

So what did I learn from working on this release?

Well I must say that working toward a new release it's my first new experience, so I was a bit excited and not really knowing what is the process or how it's work.

It was really a good experience because I got to learn to have a better workflow on git, and learn how to do rebase on git which I use to have problem doing it a lot and now I really understand how it's work.

Also I have the best experience with helping the team and also get help which I always get that, but this time I've worked on many of the bug that they called it "blocker" which it means that we have to get this fixed before it goes to production and that people will give me some advice or suggestion on how to fix or implement something, so it can be done quickly.

Problem that i have faced during the week of the release.

There are a lot of problems that I have during this week, and one of the problem is having to deal with something that I never know about or don't even know that exist before such as: Having to deal with jQuery plugins, or CSS. These problems really take a lot of my times because I have to learn before dealing with it, or with the CSS part I know how the syntax but can never get it right from the first try but I got it work after all :)

Great tips from the team.

On this part I got a lot of great tips and trick from the team and one of them I got recently from @notdaleee. This one is not a trick, but it is how I can make my life easier when having to deal with running node server everytime when I made some changes, so he suggested me using `nodemon` It's really an amazing tool to have which allows you to restart the server when you have save your changes without having to terminate and rerun the server https://github.com/remy/nodemon check it out.

From @ChrisDeCairos he is really helpful and taught me a lot of good trick on sublime text 2 and did helped me gone through the step to setup all the project to get it work locally on my machine (I hope I can write the next blog post about how to do that)

There are many more that I learned, but I think it will be a better idea if I separate them in a different blog post, so that people can benefit them too :)

Did Webmaker v2 released?

Well we suppose to release it on June 15th, 2013 and that is what we aim to, but on June 14th, 2013 we did push it so hard till passed midnight to get it ready for production, and we have cleared all blocker bugs on bugzilla and it is ready for people to be use, but of course any website or software can't be 100% perfect. What do I mean by not 100% perfect? well you know people will always find some bug or problem on some part, and that we will continue fixing or adding new feature to the site :)

My next plan

Always have something for you :)  So last week I told you guys that I'm waiting for Mr. David Humphrey to be back from his vocation, and he is back but we have this release week so we don't have enough time to talk about the localization stuff yet, but it is still on our number one priority for this summer and we promised you that we will ship this before summer ends!

We will localized all the projects and have it ready for you all :)