Working with a designer on Webmaker Front-end

This week we have launch Webmaker.org version 2, and I must say that we have put real crazy amount of works from the past two weeks to get it to this point.

I have had a chance to work on the front bed which involve more on the user experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI). Most of the front-end programming involved in using CSS and JavaScript/jQuery and this is really fun I have to say.


I got a chance to work with talented people like Cassie McDaniel. She is a designer for Mozilla Foundation on Webmaker team. She is real amazing and I'm so glad that I got a chance to work with her because she really opened my eyes and made me learn the part that I think I have neglected and that is the design. Design is one of the most important part of the website and without it.... You know how ugly it will be if you basically remove your CSS files from your site..... She is very helpful and really have patient with me! I asked a lot of questions when I do some designQA bugs and she never complains of me asking too much at all <3


The next wonderful person is Kate Hudson and she is really amazing!! Never seen such a talent person like this before! Three weeks ago Humphrey and I were working on amore project on the localization and we asked her to put a bit of work to make the site a bit nicely, but she ends up making it beautiful!!!


Can't forget this next awesome person... Dale Karp... This guy he is really smart and talented and have lots of patients with me :P
I asked a lot of helps and advice from him and he is been very nice and helpful which made me really happy working with this awesome guy!
There are obviously more to mention but then it will just be an on going blog post with lots of names....


Let's get back to what I have done so far with the front-end stuff...

I have design and create a few things on webmaker for the UX part such as: Back to top button. This was one of the feature that I must say it has give me the most lesson on learning to be a better programmer on jQuery (JavaScript) because in our school we really never have a chance to learn about jQuery and having done this feature I got to learn lots about it.


The design of the front page and many other pages of webmaker which involved a lot in CSS and with that I have learned new features of CSS3 and again Kate teaches me lots of good things about it!! :D


During this past two weeks of working with the front-end stuff I have filed and work on a lot of bugs and gained a lot of good experiences. It has been the most enjoyable moment of my life working with webmaker team and I wish that I will be continue working on it!


Next week we are about to plan on the localization of Webmaker and hopefully we will have a good news on it soon !! :D